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Applying to London or New York internationally

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Recent activity on Feb 02, 2016
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 24, 2016

Hi there - I currently work in Banking in Sydney, and am considering applying to the Top 3 Management Consulting firms to work in London or New York. I studied Finance at one of the top universities in Sydney on a good scholarship and have been working for two years now (I am also a British citizen). Does anyone know of any / is a precedent for a move like this? Thanks for any help and advice in advance! Tom

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replied on Feb 02, 2016
Ex-MBB, Experienced Hire; I will teach you not only the how, but also the why of case interviews

Let me take a crack at this since no-one else has answered yet. Yes, you can apply internationally; at least at BCG (I am pretty sure McK would be the same, and don't see why Bain would be different from the other 2), the recruiting is actually done at the office level.

Let me caution you however, you are really stacking the odds against you! Applying from afar means there likely won't be anyone in these offices who can put in a good word on your behalf. Even more importantly, these are some of the hardest offices to join since so many applicants would like to work/live there (San Francisco would be another such location). It might be smarter to apply to some other office and get an internal transfer after a couple of years internally.

Hope this helps; good luck!

Guennael (ex-BCG Dallas)

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