Apply for MBB office of another country after rejection in the US?

Anonymous A asked on Feb 27, 2019 - 2 answers


if someone gets rejected by one of MBB in one country, he gets "blacklisted" for the next 1.5-2 years as far as I know. But can he still apply for the same company in other regions within this time? For instance, if a person gets rejected by a McKinsey US office, will his application for, let's say, McKinsey Middle East still be taken into consideration?

In other words, are the blacklists of MBB shared across all offices worldwide?

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Anonymous A replied on Feb 27, 2019

Hi Vlad, thanks for you answer!

I never had the intention to trick the system out by using a different name.

I am just quite worrying whether I can apply to another country at the same company or not. I applied for US and Middle East offices first, and thought that if I got rejections I could still apply for my home country offices (Germany). I think I made a mistake and should have applied directly for German offices as well, but I was afraid that they would not be willing to schedule an interview because I am currently in the US for my studies.

I searched at the Q&A here and people said that MBB probably do not share their blacklists across the offices of all countries. For example, a rejection for US offices should only prohibit me from applying to US offices for the next 1.5-2 years, but not worldwide...

Vlad replied on Feb 27, 2019
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The short answer is no. There are ways to trick the system with different names and e-mails but I strongly do not recommend doing so


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