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Any sample case interview questions & answers?

Jae Hun asked on Feb 07, 2018 - 3 answers


I am an undergraduate looking to study and prep for case interviews especially in management consulting.

I would like some business case interview questions from the Big 3 or the Big 4 companies which has also a recommended or just an guideline answer for each of the questions. It would be great if anyone could

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replied on Feb 07, 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

Would start with the "classic" prep books: case in point by cosentino, victor Chang and then all PDF books from consulting clubs of MBAs you can get your hands on (hint: look at previous questions here asking for materials to find useful links).

then I would use the websites of consultancies to get their case and test examples.

finally I would first ask mock interviews to current employee as a key step in your preparation (especially if you know any, but ok tocold write LinkedIn messages). And then for the ultimate real experience I would suggest to book a couple of sessions with experts here. I would look for and choose the ones who were interviewers of your consultancy of choice and that had the most recent experience.

hope it helps,


Someone replied on Feb 07, 2018

Hey Jae,

Fully agree with Andrea's suggested steps!

Let me just add that you can also find solved cases in PrepLounge itself (some for free, some it seems you will need to go premium!):

Good luck for your prep process



Francesco replied on Feb 07, 2018
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Hi Jae Hun,

you can find below some steps for the preparation and related resources to use that can offer case interview questions:

  1. General understanding of the process: get a general idea on what a consulting interview is about
    • Resources: Case in Point, Victor Cheng free videos, PrepLounge Resources section
  2. Learning structures and main fit questions + define preparation plan
    • Resources: Victor Cheng Look Over My Shoulder, MBA Handbooks, PrepLounge Resources section, Expert sessions
  3. Practicing with live partners to apply knowledge and improve communication
    • Resources: PrepLounge P2P interviews, friends preparing for consulting
  4. Final review to eliminate the last mistakes
    • Resources: PrepLounge P2P interviews (experienced users), friends working in consulting, Experts sessions

If you are interested in booking expert sessions, I would strongly recommend NOT to wait until the last few days before the interview to book them. Rather, it could be very useful to have a session after a minimum of 5-10 cases or 10-20h of preparation on your own (step 2 above), as a professional expert can also help you to refine your preparation plan. Once defined that, if feasible you can have additional sessions towards the end of your prep plan as a final review.



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