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Any experience with the analytical test at Roland Berger?

Anonymous A asked on May 15, 2019 - 2 answers

Hi, does anybody have experience with the analytical test at Roland Berger and can provide some tips for a proper preparation strategy?


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replied on May 15, 2019
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The Roland Berger analytical test is a classical IQ test, consisting of different parts. This is how it looks like:

1. Verbal Part
1.1 Complete incomplete sentences
1.2 Analogies (Hat:Head --> Shoe:?)
1.3 Finding categories (6 items are given, can be clubbed into 3 categries)

2. Numerical Part
2.1 Mental math, solving equations
2.2 Complete number sequences
2.3 Fill operators into given equations

3. Figural Part
3.1 put together disassembled figures
3.2 Turn dices
3.3 Matrices

Hope this helps!



Anonymous updated his answer on Jun 03, 2019


there is a sample RB analytical test available here:

The live test is very similar to this one, i.e. you have to be good with ratios, growth rates, graph interpretation, pattern recognition and linear algebra.

Best regards


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