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Any experience, tips or insights for a final round partner interview with Monitor Deloitte Australia (or Monitor Deloitte generally)?

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New answer on Apr 29, 2024
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Anonymous asked on Oct 19, 2017

Hi everyone,

I made it in the final round with Monitor Deloitte Australia, and was wondering if someone has some experience and insights in what I can expect from a partner interview with Monitor Deloitte´s Strategy & Operation practice. I would be thankful for any information about the interview itself and practice/preparetion tips.

Furthermore, if someone would like to practice with me partner interviews, it would be a pleasure for me to connect with you.

Looking forward to your responses.



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Content Creator
replied on Apr 29, 2024
Ex-Roland Berger|Project Manager and Recruiter|7+ years of consulting experience in USA and Europe

Hi there,

final partner interviews vary depending on company, region, office and the individual partner of course. However, it is not uncommon that partners won't go through a case exercise with the candidate again but rather test their suitability in terms of business competence, team fit and perceived presentability to clients. 

At the partner stage, candidates will have gone through a series of successful case interviews already. Partners still need to “validate” this pre-selection. While some might like to do brain teasers or small cases, they also tend to favor talking about the industry/functional area they are active in. They try to see how the candidate is able to engage with those topics and often even try to sell the candidate on the firm during the final round.

When preparing for such interviews, it makes sense to research the interview partners up front (if their names are provided) and check what recent publications and/or conference contributions they might have. It is also good to know about the main trends and drivers in their respective industry/functional areas. Other than that, everything you did to prepare for the previous rounds still holds true.

Hope that provides additional perspective.

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Content Creator
replied on Oct 30, 2023
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach

Yes, sharing a few points here on how to prepare effectively for the last round:

  1. Work on the feedback provided in the previous rounds. Most firms communicate the feedback from the previous rounds to the final interviewer. It's important then to show the final interviewer that you have a growth mindset and are reactive to feedback. This matters immensely. Make sure you are clear on your development areas and that you get the right support to polish them before the final interview.
  2. Expect less structure. Senior interviewers already have the confidence that you are a decent candidate, your skills having been already vetted by their younger colleagues. They are rather more interested in your as a person and your way of thinking. So they might present you with an unusual case, or one that is created on the spot or no case altogether. Expect anything.
  3. Focus on excellent communication. Senior interviewers care a lot about how clearly you communicate and how you manage to forge a connection with the interviewer. It's important to be top-down and concise as much as possible with your answers, while allowing the conversation to flow in a natural way.
  4. Put yourself in their shoes. The one question senior interviewers are asking themselves throughout the interview is what will happen when they'll put you in front of a client they've groomed for years? Make sure that even based on this first impression you seem somebody who can be trusted and who can work with any client regardless of how difficult they might be.



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Content Creator
replied on Oct 24, 2017
FREE 15min call | #1 Bain Coach |10y+ experience helping candidates securing MBB offers| Tailored prep | 5 stars reviews

Hi Chris,

Happy to share insights on how to best prepare for Monitor Deloitte in Australia as i had direct experience with Sydney & Adelaide offices.
In terms of structure of final round with Partner - this is not fundamentally different from last step you have gone through. You can expect either:
- 15mins more in-depth interview and discussion regarding your technical and motivational fit for the role and team. This will be with a Partner from the service line of S&O + 30 mins Operations case (optional)
- or if you haven't taken a written case in the previous steps and they anticipated you that final is going to be like this, a written case with approx 15 slides - 60 min + discussion with Partner fit + solution of the case

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions or would like to practise,
Best regards

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Chris on Oct 24, 2017

Thank you very much Riccardo! That helps!

Anderson replied on Jun 03, 2017
Deloitte Strategy B.A.; love doing cases.


I work at Deloitte Brazil nowadays.

Some tips about what the company wants:

-Respect to hierarchy;

-Someone calm and smart;

-Someone that is not a "dreamer" (reality);

-Clear communication;

-Someone that is not leaving the job next month.

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Content Creator
replied on Oct 31, 2020
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


Congrats for moving to final round!

As it has been outlined, its very similar, but :

  • Cases you can expect are more "free riding" - less organized than the ones your found in the 1st round or most prep pages
  • Stronger emphasis in the FIT part, as outlined before by other coaches.

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge and preparation on the FIT part, the "Integrated FIT guide for MBB" has been recently published in PrepLounge´s shop (

It provides an end-to-end preparation for all three MBB interviews, tackling each firms particularities and combining key concepts review and a hands-on methodology. Following the book, the candidate will prepare his/her stories by practicing with over 50 real questions and leveraging special frameworks and worksheets that guide step-by-step, developed by the author and her experience as a Master in Management professor and coach. Finally, as further guidance, the guide encompasses over 20 examples from real candidates.

Furthermore, you can find 3 free cases in the PrepL case regarding FIT preparation:

- Intro and CV questions >

- Motivational questions >

- Behavioural questions (ENTREPRENEURIAL DRIVE) >

Feel free to PM me for disccount codes for the Integrated FIT Guide, since we still have some left from the launch!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 26, 2020

Dear Chris!

Specifically, the main difference you will find in a final round with partners is that at that
stage they:
1. spend more time on fit questions and your alignment with the company - I am
sending your attached FAQ for different companies
2. check more closely your communication (eg how you react to challenging
3. may not have a “proper” structured case to present – during one of my MBB
finals I had one interview which was made by two market sizing questions and a
brain teaser, without any business case. That's because during the final they
know you can structure and crack a case (you passed 1 or 2 rounds already) and
are more interested in your logic, personality, and fit with the company
So in order to prepare, I would concentrate on:
● Review in detail your personal fit stories – they will matter more than in the
first two rounds. In some finals, I had almost exclusively behavioral questions
● Work on your communication (reaction under pressure is extremely
important, how to gain time when you do not have a structure ready, connect
with the interviewer, etc). This is something you can do with peers or with me.
● Prepare cases as you did for the first rounds. More market sizing practice
maybe useful to think out of the box if you get unusual questions.
In case you need help with unusual cases please feel free to PM me, I do a specific
session on them.

Hope it helps!



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Originally answered question:

Monitor Deloitte Strategy: Final Round

Anonymous replied on Jan 16, 2017

Hi all,
for insights about Monitor Deloitte Germany, feel free to reach out to me.


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Dennis gave the best answer


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