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Any experience, tips or insights for a final round partner interview with Monitor Deloitte Australia (or Monitor Deloitte generally)?

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Hi everyone,

I made it in the final round with Monitor Deloitte Australia, and was wondering if someone has some experience and insights in what I can expect from a partner interview with Monitor Deloitte´s Strategy & Operation practice. I would be thankful for any information about the interview itself and practice/preparetion tips.

Furthermore, if someone would like to practice with me partner interviews, it would be a pleasure for me to connect with you.

Looking forward to your responses.



Riccardo replied on 10/24/2017
Ex-MBB\Big4 Recruiter & Senior Interview Coach | Advanced Prep

Hi Chris,

Happy to share insights on how to best prepare for Monitor Deloitte in Australia as i had direct experience with Sydney & Adelaide offices.
In terms of structure of final round with Partner - this is not fundamentally different from last step you have gone through. You can expect either:
- 15mins more in-depth interview and discussion regarding your technical and motivational fit for the role and team. This will be with a Partner from the service line of S&O + 30 mins Operations case (optional)
- or if you haven't taken a written case in the previous steps and they anticipated you that final is going to be like this, a written case with approx 15 slides - 60 min + discussion with Partner fit + solution of the case

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions or would like to practise,
Best regards

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