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Does anyone have information about Accenture Cases?

Does anyone have Infomation about the Company? More IT than strategy? Where is the diffrence between Strategy and Consulting Unit ?

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Vlad replied on Jun 04, 2017
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1) Re cases at Accenture, it is now well structured. You'll definitely have market sizing cases and simple profitability and market context cases. They don't have internal casebooks, so it greatly depends on the manager.

Also if you are applying for an analyst - in many countries you'll have a group case / panel/assessment center. These are structured, but again, case interview prep required.

2) Accenture has reorganizations every 3-5 years, so the boundaries are quite blurred. Former strategy guys are now selling a lot of IT strategies so long term I would expect to work both on management consulting and IT strategy projects. You don't need any special knowledge for that.

However, if you want to work on IT implementation - you should go directly to Accenture IT implementation units (SAP, etc).

Feel free to reach me directly for further help with Accenture interview prep

replied on Jun 18, 2017
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I have worked in Strategy Consulting for nearly 3 years.

Easiest way would be to organise a call and you can ask all questions about training, culture, projects, IT, network, cases, process?

There are quite big differences between the 2 areas from hours you work, projects you have to even the process of getting into Strategy.


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