90%+ grade in masters at top 5 target European school - does it make a difference for job application?

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 23, 2022

Hi, almost finishing a masters at top 5 European school, and want to move from big 4 consulting (SM level) to mbb or tier 2.  

Do grades make a difference? If 90%+. I've seen different posts saying grades don't matter at masters level or for experienced hires. 

Also will any of the firms know if they are doing campus visits etc? (I.e. school shortlists/intros top students etc) or is that wishful thinking?  (E.g. a distinction is 70% and honorary distinction is 80% so 90%+ is pretty good)


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Every marker of excellence is VERY important. Being one of the best at a top school is definitely much harder than just getting in. 

So you definitely should highlight that. 

If they are able to know beforehand when doing campus visits? The general answer would be know, but it really depends on the specific school and timeline.

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A good grade is certainly helpful for job prospects! I would recommend highlighting it on your resume (e.g., “Masters at XYZ university, Honorary distinction (90% grade)”). A great grade can help you stand out, but I would add that work-related skills (e.g., leadership, teamwork, initiative, entrepreneurship) are frequently given more weight than grades in evaluation.

Regarding campus visits, I would ask your campus career representative. This will vary by school.

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replied on Sep 23, 2022
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It always helps to have a really good grade - you put this on your resume and then say what % of the class got that grade (i.e., MCS in XYZ degree, Honours (or the name of the classification you received), top 10% in class). 

If you're at a target school then I assume that MBB are coming to campus, but reach out to the recruiting team of the office you're interested in if you can't find the dates. 

Good luck!

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Anonymous A on Sep 23, 2022

Thank you for the feedback

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replied on Sep 24, 2022
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Hi there,

1) Do grades make a difference? 

Good grades always improve the CV. It is not clear if you are referring to an MBA or a standard Master. Some MBAs have a non-disclosure policy on grades, in which case you can just add Dean’s List if present. For Bachelors and Masters, if you don’t put the GPA in the CV they will assume is low (below 3.6).

2) Also will any of the firms know if they are doing campus visits etc? 

You mean if the firms get access to grades if they do campus recruiting? That depends on your school.



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dave smith on Sep 24, 2022

Thanks. Yes I meant if the recruiting firm gets access to student/cohort grades before they attend - would make their selection criteria more efficient but I assume especially in Europe now last few years with all this data privacy etc it doesn't happen

Anonymous on Sep 24, 2022

Standard masters (business related subject) as I'm an experienced hire and already have 10+ years industry experience. I did not think an MBA would added much value. Plus MBA was more expensive and I would hopefully join new firm more senior than consultants+mba. (Otherwise no point me leaving current big 4 SM role). The main thing I chose was a top 5 school (i.e. oxford, Cambridge, HEC, INSEAD etc) for the reputation / 'stamp of approval' snob appeal as my previous degree university was average.


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replied on Sep 24, 2022
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Absolutely they matter! If you have grade grades at a top school you should 100% add it to your resume + application.

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