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1 page or 2 page CV?

Anonymous A

How strict is this when they say one page? Which Consulting firms are strict with a one page policy? Which firms are more lenient and allow 2 pages?......Mainly interested in the ones which are well known eg BCG, AT Kearney, McKinsey, Bain, Monitor, Strategy&, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger.

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Vlad replied on 02/26/2018
McKinsey / Accenture / Got all BIG3 offers / More than 300 real MBB cases / Harvard Business School


The general rule is to have more than one page once you have more than 10 years of experience.

Answering you concern in the comments - it is important although not a game changer. Noone will reject you purely based on the number of pages in a resume. Moreover in consulting resume screening is still manual, so it's not an automatic rejection criteria.

I would recommend in most cases use one page in the future!



replied on 02/26/2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years

One page.

I can see the struggle if you are a scientist. The way this is usually resolved is that if you are a scientist with many publications, no need to include for consulting. You can synthesize the list with just the list of names of the journals/publications in which you were published and divide them in two bullets so that you can separate the ones for which you are first author from the ones in which you are a named author. At bottom of resume you can write that you are able to provide full reference upon request.


replied on 03/01/2018
Current partner @ Andreessen Horowitz (VC firm). Ex-Mckinsey, ex- strategy guy at Google.

Unless you are a PhD, stick to one page. It's the modern, accepted approach and shows you know how to prioritize message.

Also, it's always better to have only A+ achievements on a CV than a few A+ mixed with a few B- achievements.

Currently non-active expert
replied on 02/26/2018

Hey anonymous,

My straightforward answer is 1 page (only in very exceptional circunstamces, like an experienced hire with loads of technical experience applying to a super specific role would be ok to go to 2 pages)




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