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McKinsey is a global management consulting firm which is often perceived as the most prestigious one. The firm currently employes more than 10,000 consultants and nearly 2,000 research/ information professionals.

McKinsey's clients reflect the firm's global nature. Around 40% are in Europe, 35% in the Americas, 15% in Asia Pacific and 10% in the Middle East and Africa. It serves a broad mix of private-, public-, and social-sector organizations.

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Hello PrepLounge Community, I am currently considering moving to the Nordic region and am wonderi... (more)

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Ex-Bain consultant who cracked interviews at McK, BCG, Bain

Principal - in practice the same as manager, but as this is the gateway position to the partner promotion, they sometimes do partner-level work. They have a stable salary with a variable bonus. Partn... (more)

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Ex BCG | MBB Specialist | #1 Expert for meetings done (800+) and recommendation rate (100%)

Hi Anonymous, as mentioned by Vlad, a review of advanced Power Point and Excel may be useful for a good start. As for a previous post I wrote, a couple of things more related to soft skills that co... (more)

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