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Innovation: Ayming UK is an international innovation and performance consultancy, combining highly specialised knowledge – across a range of fields – with hands-on collaboration to enable our clients and their people to go further.

In addition to the above, Ayming is Europe’s largest R&D incentives advisor, with offices across Europe, Asia and North America, and research and development incentives experts in every sector, from construction and engineering to biochemistry and sustainability.

In the UK we work with hundreds of SMEs and Large Companies every year, helping them make the most of their research and development. This isn’t just about filling in R&D incentive claims. We work with both finance and technical staff to understand our clients’ business, their goals and objectives, and then to uncover qualifying research and development expenditure.

Here at Ayming, helping our clients with their R&D incentive claim is just one part of our innovation advisory. We act as an innovation partner to the majority of our clients. So, not only do we help with your R&D incentive claim, we advise on best practice in recording research and development activity within your projects to help with future claims, we advise on business process and how you can better approach future innovation, and how you can utilise R&D tax credits to improve cash flow.

People are a company's most important resource. While R&D enhances products, our People Consulting enhances People, equally critical to business success. By finding new ways to engage and motivate employees, we help companies reach their potential.

We base our work on a deep understanding of need and context because every case is different. We deliver real results by executing and implementing projects alongside our clients on the ground and seeing them through until they make a genuine impact. A collaborative, human approach mixed with digital efficiency brings new energy to organisations by helping improve decision making at all levels. 

We build trust and a supportive environment of continual improvement. Through extraordinary relationships, we achieve extraordinary results. In research and development funding alone, we generate €1bn a year for our clients. Together we go further.

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