Management Consulting Case Library

In our Case Library, you will find 200+ case studies for your case interview preparation. Solve challenging problems around market sizing, pricing, or sustainability.

What to Expect in our Case Library

200+ case studies
In total, you will find over 200 cases on the most common case interview topics in the industry. You have the possibility to filter by the difficulty level and the respective case style (interviewer-led as used by McKinsey and candidate-led cases). The complete cases are also downloadable, so you can access them at any time.
Detailed solutions & explanations
In addition to the case prompt and associated exhibits, each case also contains detailed explanations and solutions. These will help you to solve the case during your self-study. If you practice the case together with another user or a coach, only the interviewer will see this additional information.
Additional real cases from our corporate partners
In addition to the normal cases, there are 20+ cases from top consultancies like Bain, Oliver Wyman and Roland Berger that have already been used in real case interviews. If you are preparing for an interview with a certain consultancy, you can prepare yourself as a PrepLounge user exclusively with the help of these cases.

This Is What Our Community Says

The cases are highly reliable. One of the PrepLounge cases was actually a real case held in a McKinsey interview.
Case Pro on PrepLounge
Very good cases, candidates and platform. PrepLounge is the number one tip I give to any candidates looking to prep!
Candidate preparing for McKinsey 2nd round
Extremely helpful and covers the full scope of questions you can be asked during case interviews. Definitely recommend!
Candidate preparing for MBB
PrepLounge gives access to a broad range of cases and tools to improve performances. I highly recommend it!
Candidate preparing for Bain 1st round interview

Any Open Questions Left? Check Out Our FAQ

Are the cases available for free?

Almost all resources on PrepLounge (that includes the case studies) can be used with freemium access which means that you get to try it to a certain degree but have to upgrade to Premium to use it to the full extent. However, you have free and unlimited access to the cases included in the free Basic Membership.

What kind of cases can I access in the Case Library?

Our selection of case studies mirrors the wide variety of real case interviews. Thus, you can solve challenging problems around market sizing, market entry, pricing, or operations strategy. Moreover, all provided cases are marked with a level of difficulty and the respective case style. This will allow you to filter for interviewer-led (as used by McKinsey) and candidate-led cases. In addition, some of our corporate partners granted some great original cases that have been used in real interviews.

How many cases should I have practiced before I show up for my case interview?

There is no set number of cases you should solve before your interview. However, you will find that the more practice you get and the more different scenarios you tackle, the more confident you will become in dealing with case prompts. Also, in addition to self-study, we recommend that you act out real interview situations. Just choose from over 370,000 candidates and practice cases from the case library together.

Who can I contact if I have problems solving a case?

Next to each case you will find a button that allows you to post a question directly to the case in our Consulting Forum. Our experts will answer you as soon as possible and support you with your problem. You can also contact the experts directly. 

Are you excited to start practicing for your case interview with real case studies?