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On PrepLounge, you will benefit from the largest community of aspiring management consultants you will find online! Practice case interviews with other top candidates – even on short notice – and select from our vast collection of 180+ cases.

The Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Case Practice on PrepLounge

463,000+ practice partners from all over the world
Active & flexible
1,000+ open meeting inviations per week on our interactive meeting board
Case practice for all experience levels – from beginner to expert
Exchange case feedback with other aspriring consultants
Free cases
Acccess to free cases you can use to practice with your case partner
Free trial access
6 free mock interviews to find out if the platform is right for you

Why is practicing with case partners so important?

Peer-to-peer practice should be the most important part of your case prep. Putting yourself into the interview situation multiple times, receiving and providing feedback to other candidates will make sure you ace your case interview on the real interview day!

Get Started With Your Peer-to-Peer Practice on PrepLounge

Practice with case partners

On PrepLounge, you can easily find case partners to practice with and immediately schedule meetings

Receive and provide feedback

In a mock interview, you will take turns with your case partner, solve cases, receive and provide feedback

Land multiple job offers

After about 30 practice interviews, you will reach a solid “offer-ready” level and ace your case interviews

See What Other Members Say About the Peer-to-Peer Practice on PrepLounge

March 31, 2020 by Marvin
It prepared me best for my Interview and the best thing was, that I was able to practice so much cases with other people. Great experience which I would recommend everyone applying for a consulting firm. I will definitely upgrade my account for the next application!
March 31, 2020 by Ashley
I've witnessed so many improvements I made in case interviews with the help of Preplounge! Very useful platform to find case partners and sharpen your interview skills. I also found the studying materials and the coaching sessions on the platform really helpful.
April 01, 2020 by Ashish
Preplounge has prepared me to tackle the job interviews, which consist of case studies. I was a novice when I started the case handling, but with the help of various articles and structured methodology of Preplounge, I got way better and learned a few tricks. I am applying for opportunities in the Consulting firms, and I am sure that I will crack the case which will come to my way. The only way to get better in case solving is... Practice, Practice and more Practice.
April 03, 2020 by Gianmarco
Personally I did the 6-week premium subscription and, to be honest, it turned out to be a really good investment! Over 140 great quality cases available, but above all, the possibility to make hundreds of cases with other candidates and not just 6 meetings. Also many other additional services and products. I think I will extend my premium period! Very useful really recommended!
May 05, 2020 by Alexander
Through Preplounge Premium, I have been able to hone my casing skills and meet some truly exceptional people. It has been the biggest boon to my learning experience by far and has, without a doubt, been an exceptional investment.
October 21, 2021 by Mohsen
Preplounge has been very helpful with my preparation for consulting interviews. It's easy to use and it seamlessly connects you with bright individuals around the world who are in the same place as you to prepare you for the real interview.
December 01, 2021 by Sarah
The prep lounge premium membership has been a really valuable preparation tool for me to get ready for consulting interviews. Prep lounge offers unlimited meetings with case partners, a database of practice cases, frameworks, and videos, as well as tools like mental math. I can highly recommend!
December 01, 2021 by Mariana
PrepLounge prepared me very well for my consulting interviews. What I liked most about it, is the meeting board, where I was able to practice cases with other people. I will definitely use it again when interviewing for another consulting firm :)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to conduct a meeting?

The first three back-to-back meetings (making it 6 meetings in total) are completely free! After that you can upgrade to a Premium Membership which enables you to practice as many cases as you like.

What happens during a case interview practice session?

A practice case interview session typically lasts 90 minutes, 45 minutes for each round. In the first round, one candidate will take on the role of the interviewer and give a case to the other candidate. Try to keep it to half an hour so that there is enough time for feedback at the end of each round. In the second round, you will switch roles. Putting yourself into both roles is the key factor that will maximize your performance!

How quickly can I start my practice and are the case partners reliable?

You can start practicing right away and should be able to conduct your first meeting within a few hours, but sometimes even sooner. On average, you will find about 50 meeting proposals per day on our Meeting Board. Have a look at the reliability score as well as the reviews of potential case partners to make sure that you will have a positive experience.

Where can I find cases to solve during the session?

In our vast Case Library, you can find 180+ cases that can be used during the session but you can also use your own cases. Please arrive prepared to the case interview practice and contact your case partner to verify the case preferences for the session.

How many practice interviews do I need to be prepared for the interview?

Our experts recommend candidates to solve at least 30 full ~45 minutes cases with an experienced case partner to reach a solid “offer-ready” level. On average, an active PrepLounge member conducts 18 full mock interviews on PrepLounge.

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