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Structuring Drills - Pack 3

5 quick drills to help you improve your case structuring skills. Structure these cases now and compare your answer with the community!
10 min
5 questions

Why structuring drills?

If you had to choose one element that is the most important and fundamental criteria of success in your case interviews it would probably be structuring.

Maintaining a structure means that you solve the question with a clear step-by-step approach that you communicate actively towards your interviewer. A good structure is the most important part of a case interview as it is the underlying base of your whole approach and argumentation. It is also the main reason why candidates fail their case interviews. A common mistake that candidates make is that they try to apply standardized frameworks to any case they are given. Instead, you should solve each case by creating a framework specifically tailored to its needs – as you would do as a consultant on the job.

MECE is a best practice method to lay down a robust structure for your case interview. The following structuring drills help you to practice exactly that crucial skill to pass your case interview successfully.

  • Practice structuring complex case prompts and business problems by using MECE buckets and sub-buckets.
  • Share and compare your answer with the community and upvote structures that you think are best.
  • Evaluate your own structure based on the top answer and continue improving your structuring skills!


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