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Logical Reasoning for Case Interviews - Pack 3

Go through these 10 challenging logical reasoning tests to practice your analytical skills for your case interview!
20 min
10 questions

Why Logic Training?

When you start with your case interview practice you will realize quickly how challenging this special interview type can be. To successfully crack a case you need more than business know-how and a strong affinity for numbers. Analytic skills and outstanding logical reasoning abilities are equally important to ace your case interviews and, thus, to land your dreamjob in consulting.

Specific and intensive training of your logical skills may help you develop useful strategies to solve even complex problems which you might encounter during your case interviews.

Additionally, logic training is a great way to prepare for online aptitude tests which are often part of the hiring process at leading consultancies. The targeted use of online aptitude tests, e.g. Matrices Tests, allows your future employer to test your logical reasonig ability even before the first case interview.

To successfully crack online pre-assessments, which are usually very demanding, it is crucial to work through the questions as quickly and systematically as possible. Practice with our PrepLounge Matrices Tests and learn how to tackle even complex problems quickly and smoothly without losing precious time.

Logic Training with Matrices Tests

Matrices Tests assess a person‘s logical reasoning abilty. The user‘s task is to find patterns and rules in a given but incomplete matrix and to complete this matrix logically correct according to the identified rules and patterns.

The Matrices Tests that you can find here on PrepLounge are classic 3x3 matrices, i.e. with 3 rows and 3 columns, which can be frequently found in the recruiting processes of leading consulting firms.

For all 6 Matrices Tests developed by eleven-time mental arithmetic world championin Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring your task is to choose the correct answer out of 6 possible answers to complete the matrix logically correct. Therefore it‘s neccesary to carefully look at the existing matrix in order to identify patterns and rules which will lead you towards the right solution. Always bear in mind that patterns can not only appear horizontally, but also vertically or even diagonally. In any case, there is always a unique solution for each matrix.

The difficulty of the tests slightly increases from test to test, meaning that test 1 is the easiest one whereas test 6 is quite challenging. Therefore we recommend to start by solving the easier tests first to improve your logic skills step by step.

Don‘t worry if you won‘t be able to crack the test at the first try. Logical reasoning ability can be trained, but this may need some time. Just go through the tests again and again until it gets easier. So why don‘t you start with your logic training today to get up to speed?

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