Former BCG consultant and teacher/adult trainer with experience in US, India, and Middle East
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With extensive experience in preparing candidates for interviews and as a former teacher & adult trainer, I take a skills-focused approached to case prep.  This means focusing on the underlying skills and competencies which will help you perform better on future cases, instead of simply explaining how you did on the case I gave you.

Throughout the case, I am taking copious notes on your strengths and areas for development.  Firstly, candidates need to know what they are doing well so they keep doing it.  For areas for development, I highlight what a candidate did, how it could have been better, and the mostly importantly, how they can practice so they improve on this skill.  Too many people simply stop at the second point, but you as the interviewee need to learn how to get better - what to read, what to practice or other tangible steps to take so you will build the skills and apply them on a future case.

I have prepared more than 50 people for cases in the past from all backgrounds and experiences - these include candidates from all geographic regions, post-undergrad/MBA/and other advanced degree candidates, as well as lateral industry hires.

I look forward to working with you and helping you land that consulting offer!


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