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Ex-McKinsey and BCG; Interview-trained, Case-coach, Resume expert
Case interview
PEI storylining
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USD 199 / h
Ex-McKinsey and BCG; Interview-trained, Case-coach, Resume expert
Case interview
PEI storylining
USD 199 / h
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My bio

As a former Wall Street professional and physician who transitioned into consulting for nearly the last decade, I have successfully navigated the most rigorous selection processes of prestigious firms like McKinsey, BCG, and Barclays.

I have held senior roles at McKinsey and BCG, and have significant recruiting experience, leading efforts to attract and recruit diversity, MBA, experienced hire, and advanced degree candidates. 

I have conducted over 100+ case coaching sessions and official interviews for aspiring candidates, and I am dedicated to helping others progress in their careers and secure top-tier roles.


Overview of my experience

I have spearheaded the Northeast recruitment for LGBTQ GLAM candidates, conducted case coaching for the McKinsey Black Network candidates, and was the New York office lead for Advanced Degree Candidates recruiting. I have hands-on experience in creating resumes, preparing candidates for Personal Experience Interviews (PEI), case interviews, and conducting the interviews themselves, has afforded me a deep understanding of the evaluation processes of premier consulting firms

An inside view of McKinsey & BCG

What truly distinguishes me is my comprehensive interviewing experience across some of the most rigorous and competitive fields, including investment banking, sales and trading, medical school admissions, and consulting. I am one of the select few who have not only interviewed but also accepted offers and worked at both McKinsey and BCG, serving as an interviewer and recruiting lead across various time horizons. 

My coaching philosophy

My coaching approach is deeply rooted in building personalized strategies, recognizing that each person's journey and aspirations are unique. I believe in a partnership approach, where we collaborate closely to unlock your full potential.

In our coaching sessions, you will experience a comprehensive and interactive approach tailored to your individual career aspirations and challenges. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Out of the box advice / Career coaching
    • I will provide personalized guidance based on my experience in finance, healthcare, and consulting. This includes strategies and insights specific to your career path, taking into account your personal strengths, areas for improvement, and the specific nuances of your target industry. We will discuss and analyze your career trajectory, identifying opportunities and creating a clear plan for reaching your professional goals.
  2. Interactive Case Studies and Real-World Scenarios / Case prep
    • Our sessions will focus on engaging case studies and scenarios that mirror actual project work and market dynamics, designed to refine your problem-solving and decision-making skills.
    • You'll learn to navigate complex situations with a strategic mindset, applying the concepts learned to real-world contexts, thereby deepening your practical understanding of business dynamics that each firm expects you to know.
  3. Interview Tactics / PEI prep
    • Together, we'll refine your interview techniques, focusing on effective communication of your unique value proposition, adeptly handling challenging questions, and making a memorable impact on interviewers.
    • Expect to receive candid and constructive feedback throughout our sessions. This feedback will be tailored, actionable, and aimed at enhancing your professional approach, helping you to understand and leverage your strengths while addressing improvement areas.
  4. Resume Crafting 
    • I'll assist you in crafting a standout resume that showcases your unique skills and experiences, tailored to resonate with top-tier employers. This involves highlighting your accomplishments and experiences in a way that aligns with the expectations and standards of elite firms.
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2022 - 2023
Sr. Engagement Manager
McKinsey & Company
2016 - 2023
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