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Former McKinsey Engagement Manager | +100 interviews at McKinsey
Giving actionable advice
Adapting style
Real interviewer
Romania (UTC +3)
USD 159 / h
Former McKinsey Engagement Manager | +100 interviews at McKinsey
Giving actionable advice
Adapting style
Real interviewer
USD 159 / h
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🚨 Do you feel you are prepared and want to do a final brush-up of your interviewing skills

You have done plenty of cases with fellow colleagues and / or worked with a different coach but want a second opinion from an experienced McKinsey interviewer (100+ interviews) that can tell you whether he would extend you an offer or not?

📝 Get actionable feedback to improve your performance and get a confidence boost



  • +10 years in consulting, last 6 in McKinsey & Company (former Engagement Manager)
  • McKinsey local office recruiting team lead with +100 interviews
  • Consultant coming from a technology background
  • I love mentoring peers based on actionable feedback based on their strengths and tailored to their specific development needs



🎯 Stress-test your skills: After 10+ years in consulting and 4+ as an interviewer I can easily recognize a “distinctive” candidate. Schedule a 120-min session with me for an authentic interview simulation (both personal experience and case) followed by interview replay and actionable feedback.

💬 Get clear feedback (verbal and written) on what have you done well and what you should've done better in order to be a “strong hire”.

🗣️ Get inspired through examples: Hear me replay your personal story and the case using the proper language and “thinking-out-loud” reasoning that an interviewer is looking for.

⚙️ Actionable next steps: Get a summary of your strengths and areas you can improve with concrete actions you can take.

LIMITED-TIME OFFER: After your round 1 interviews, we can schedule a free 30-min debrief in which I can help you decode the feedback received from the interviewers and suggest next steps



1️⃣ Text me if you have any question about my profile or approach

2️⃣ Set up an initial 2 hour coaching session (ask me for availability)

3️⃣ After the session, you will receive written feedback 

4️⃣ You have your interviews and we keep in touch!

Work Experience
Senior Project Manager
2023 - now
Engagement Manager
McKinsey & Company
2017 - 2023
Senior Consultant
2014 - 2017
Teaching assistant
Delft University of Technology
2012 - 2013
No degree
Delft University of Technology
0 - 0
No degree
University Politehnica of Bucharest
0 - 0