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I have a strong background as a graduate of the University of Chicago and a former consultant and interviewer at McKinsey's offices in New York and Chicago. Now, I specialize in coaching individuals for consulting interviews, with an impressive success rate of over 90% and a wealth of experience from conducting more than 30 coaching sessions, both in-person and virtually.

When it comes to interview preparation, I take a personalized and comprehensive approach. I don't believe in one-size-fits-all training plans. Instead, I collaborate closely with my clients to understand their specific needs and develop tailored coaching sessions. I go beyond the typical case and fit interview practice and offer workshops that cover every aspect of the interview process, right from the moment you step into the room.


My coaching is most effective at the beginning or end of your preparation.

Having directly assisted students in preparing for interviews at renowned consulting firms like MBB (McKinsey, Bain, and BCG), I am well-versed in the common challenges candidates face and how to overcome them. I will help you identify both broad behavioral patterns to work on over time and specific details that will make you stand out from other candidates.

My coaching style is characterized by its candid and upfront nature. Share your concerns, questions, and areas of difficulty with me, and I will provide you with ample feedback to address them.

Here is an overview of the standard coaching sessions I offer:

Case/Fit interview diagnostic: Through a mock interview, we will assess your preparedness. Based on the results, we will identify your strengths and weaknesses and discuss your overall readiness considering your upcoming deadlines. I will provide you with valuable guidance on the next steps to take and answer any questions or doubts you may have about the interview process.

Case/Fit mock interview: This comprehensive mock interview covers all essential areas of the case and fit interviews. We will focus on graphical interpretation, brainstorming, quantitative analysis for cases, and common fit interview questions.

Case interview problem area deep dive: If you wish to practice a specific aspect of the case interview, such as structuring, graphical analysis, math, frameworks, or conclusions, we will concentrate on that area. I will share the best techniques, and together we will work through practice questions to ensure your proficiency in every aspect of the case.

Acing the fit interview workshop: The fit interview is often overlooked, but it holds significant importance. In this workshop, we will practice crucial fit interview questions that you must be able to answer. We will review effective approaches to questions that candidates commonly struggle with, discuss top interview techniques, and refine your stories to make them truly remarkable.

Resume/Cover letter review and workshop: During this session, we will thoroughly analyze the key components of a successful resume and cover letter. We will examine exemplary examples and refine your own documents to increase your chances of securing interview offers.


Insights from a highly sought-after McKinsey office: My experience as a Business Analyst in McKinsey's competitive New York office has given me firsthand knowledge of the recruiting process and expertise in the highly desirable US markets.

Recent and relevant experience: With two years as a McKinsey consultant, I am well-versed in the current recruiting process, including any adjustments made due to COVID-19. My insights are up-to-date and applicable. Additionally, having been considered for manager promotions before leaving, I have a solid understanding of the leadership expectations at the firm.

Extensive experience and diverse perspectives: I have been deeply involved in the recruiting process as a candidate, mentee, mentor, and coach. With over four years of coaching experience and a success rate of over 90%, I have worked through more than 200 cases. My aim is to provide you with the most valuable insights gained from my diverse learning experiences.

Learning from top coaches: As a candidate, I have extensively utilized coaching services like PrepLounge, engaging in over 50 hours of one-on-one coaching and participating in 20+ group workshops. This exposure has enriched my insights, not only through personal experience but also through the guidance and mentorship of esteemed coaches.


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