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My Approach
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I am a London-based BCG consultant, with 7+ years of work experience, 2.5+ of those in consulting. Prior to BCG, I have been a banker in Goldman Sachs. I trained through Preplounge, utilizing the site's materials, and I am a core member of my office's consulting recruitment team where I provide prep & support to candidates interviewing for BCG. 


20%  off for the first session

Given I recently signed-up in PrepLounge and currently building my clientele, I am offering a 20% discount to my coaching fees for our first session together. You don't have to do any additional sessions with me if you do not see the value in coaching


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My structure & approach

As a case coach, my preparation approach is structured as per the following: 

  • Free 30-min introductory section: I offer a free 30-min introductory session where we can discuss your goals/target firms, level of preparation, interview timelines and discuss preparation strategy based on your personalized situation. During the session, I will highlight how I can add value and help you prepare and you can decide whether you want to have additional paid-for sessions with me
  • Required frameworks: During our sessions, I will share my bespoke frameworks, tailored to each candidate's firm they are applying to, function and individual strengths/weaknesses. I offer training across the following case types which cover 100% of the cases you will encounter during your interviews:
    • Market sizing (top-down and bottom-up revenue estimation and/or growth for specific products/services)
    • Profitability (e.g. price, volume, cost changes)
    • Market entry (Joint venture, market sizing, addressable market share capture)
    • Investment (Break-even point, EBITDA)
    • Mergers & Acquisitions (Discounted Cash flow, EBITDA multiple)
    • Product launch
    • Competitive response
    • Growth strategy
    • Pricing
    • Digital transformation
    • Supply chain
    • Public/Social impact
  • Fit interviews: Fit interviews count for 50% of the interview evaluation. I offer qualitative frameworks as part of dedicated sessions on preparing and structuring questions for fit interviews, helping you to tailor your answers for the firm you are applying to. Together, we will structure personalized fit interview answers, based on your individual circumstances, background and experience
  • From Industry to Consulting: I was in Goldman Sachs for 4.5 years prior to joining consulting, and can help provide you with perspective of the practicalities of moving from industry to consulting, how consulting firm expectations differ for industry experienced hires and my personal experience on what are the consulting groups to target for and how to make your ultimate transition easier. Furthermore, I can help provide real life answers to the centuries-old question "Investment Banking vs. Consulting" to help you answer that for yourself
  • Prepped through PrepLounge myself: I have utilized PrepLounge myself to study and prepare for consulting interviews, have used help from PrepLounge coaches and also practiced with other candidates I met here. I believe the PrepLounge resources available are world-class and if utilized correctly can assist you in your journey to receive an offer. I can guide you through how to best utilize the available PrepLounge resources to maximize your chances of success
  • First-hand personal experience: I am currently in BCG, and supporting & prepping interview candidates as a member of my office's recruiting team. Furthermore, I have recently prepped myself through PrepLounge and received 2 MBB offers. I know what MBB and other companies are looking for.
  • Connections: I am well connected with MBB, Accenture  and other strategy consulting companies across the world. I can help put candidates in touch with my network who can provide referrals and insights into the types of projects, culture and ways of working


What can I offer you?

If you decide to work with me, I will provide you with the following:

  • 30-min  Initial discussion to better understand your background and needs (FREE)
  • CV/Cover Letter review (FREE)
  • 100% personalized preparation, tailored for you
  • Market sizing questions & prep
  • Full case studys – difficulty/sector/topic selected based on your needs
  • Fit interview tips
  • Connecting you with the colleagues from your target company and office
  • Casebooks and recommended cases for your homework (FREE)


I will be more than happy to be part of your journey and will make sure that we maximize our chances to get the offer you deserve! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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