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Hi there!

My name is Tom and I’m a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, working in Strategy & Operations, and living as an expat in the Netherlands for the past 5 years. I came into consulting from a multinational FMCG Corporate and remember thinking “is consulting for me?”, “how will I adjust to the difference in culture?” and “how will I get through this application process”?!!

I can help you answer these questions and more, drawing on my first hand experience in several roles at Deloitte. I can also help you end-to-end in the application process from CV/CL screening to Case prep (mini-cases/brain teasers, MBB-style cases and written cases) and all the way to contract negotiation and preparation for the job itself!   

Being successful in your consulting applications is all about building your confidence and making sure that you are relaxed and ready in the interview chair. I can help you get there!

My sessions are fully customisable and tailored to you.  I help candidates who want to take things slow, weeks in advance of their interviews, as well as candidates who need a crash course “get-ready-in-3-days” type of thing.  I don’t believe in spending hours and hours on frameworks, theory and processes.  Know one or two and learn how to make yourself comfortable in what is an unnatural and high-pressured interview scenario.  I have a repository of templates, cheat sheets and mock materials and I summarise and boil down only the most relevant materials to provide you with stuff that’s tailored to you, the job you’re going for, and the gaps you need to fill.

I am also an incoming London Business School MBA and can help you with your MBA applications as well, from CV and essay writing to case/fit interview prep.

Please reach out if you’re interested in a free intro call!


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