Former Bain Consultant | Ex-Consulting Club President | Freelance Consultant | Passionate about holistic success
Self-employed, League One Volleyball, Condé Nast, Bain & Company
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I coached many candidates (both undergrad and MBA) while I was at Bain & Company as a Senior Associate Consultant. 

My feedback is tactical and constructive, and catered to how you learn best. I believe giving concrete examples and walking through tactics is best for dealing with the uncertainty of case interviews. 

As a former university consulting club president, I am well-versed in different consulting case styles and companies. I am passionate about helping others build a successful application strategy, so I like to coach both behavioural and case. I believe it is not just one element that makes you a prime candidate. 

I'm also passionate about wellbeing while on the job and exit opportunities. I'm happy to help the candidate come up with a holistic strategy to be successful getting the job, at the job, and life after the job. 


A few words about me: After 4 years at Bain & Company in Toronto, I am currently freelance consulting and pursuing entrepreneurial projects. I also have prior experience at Condé Nast, startups, and VC. 


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