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Yiqing Hu
2 Reviews
McKinsey Senior Engagement Manager & interviewer | BCG Associate | Cambridge University Alum Network mentor
international career planning (office selection, visa, financial comparison)
case interview coaching
personal experience interview coaching (behavioral interview)
Chinese, English
Germany (UTC +2)
USD 259 / h
McKinsey Senior Engagement Manager & interviewer | BCG Associate | Cambridge University Alum Network mentor
international career planning (office selection, visa, financial comparison)
case interview coaching
personal experience interview coaching (behavioral interview)
USD 259 / h
2 Coachings
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How do you stand out ?

As an interviewer at McKinsey, I saw too often candidates who are extremely focused on being “good enough” (i.e. memorizing and correctly using all the standard frameworks). Being “good enough” is sufficient to get you through Round 1 interviews, but only if you display genuine insights and that “spark” of personality, can you stand out from other “good enough” candidates and get the final offer. 

My goal is to give you the edge over other candidates and become the one with WOW insights, the one that your interviewer will remember at the end of a long interview day.

Coaching with me goes through 3 stages: 

1) Master the standard frameworks: I help you figure out the best frameworks to use for each type of cases, and practice them so much that they become instinctive and do not sound forced. This should give you the confidence going into the interview, knowing that you will not see a case you don't know how to approach.

2) Add non-standard insights that WOW your interviewer: I will teach you how to adapt the standard frameworks to specific circumstances of cases, through industry-specific insights that 95% of the candidates will not think of.

3) Polish the performance: Display your natural charm and personality in delivering the case solutions, while building bonds with your interviewer. And do this in a style that is comfortable for you.


Personal fit interviews

In addition to case interviews, personal fit interviews are also extremely important. In fact, McKinsey internal recruiting training emphasizes that they are as important as case interviews. The good news is, that personal fit interviews can be 100% mastered through a systematic approach and practice. I will help you find the best examples from your life for each of the typical personal fit interview questions, and help you craft your stories in a way that will withstand probing from interviewers and make you look like exactly the kind of colleague and team member that the interviewer wants.


International career planning

If you are geographically flexible, picking the right country and office may be 50% of the success. International offices of the same company vary significantly in difficulty of getting an offer, pay, taxes, promotion timeline, work-life balance, visa and residency requirements. 2 offices in 2 different (both developed) countries can have 50% differences in take-home pay AND 2-3 years' difference in promotion timeline. Let me understand your interest and flexibility and help you use this leverage that only very few people know about, to get an offer more easily and to get a better offer.


Other unique offerings

- Networking advice: I organized many networking events at McKinsey and BCG, and can give you actionable approaches and tips for networking, whether you are target school or non-target school, whether you are a student or a professional.

- Resume advice: again my approach is to laser-focus on only the things that make you stand out, in dimensions and qualities that are important to your managers

- Job offer negotiation coaching: I conducted many McKinsey internal trainings on negotiation and can advise you on what you can and cannot negotiate, how to set negotiation goals, how to strategize your communication with HR and how to get a better offer without jeopardizing your relationship with potential employers 

Feb 12, 2023
by Yuki
Interview Coaching
I worked with Laura for a fit session and she was an exceptional coach. She helped me structure my stories to meet McKinsey's requirements and her guidance was instrumental in making a positive imp...
Dec 29, 2022
by Jing
Interview Coaching
Laura has been extremely help in guiding me with steps to prepare for applications. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the consulting application and preparation process.
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