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Over the past 7 years, I have helped >30 people to prepare for their interviews through case discussions, as well as general interview strategy.

What surprised me most is that 90% of candidates make the very same mistakes, over and over again. Most of them did not even know they were making these mistakes, and were just frustrated by the fact that they were not cracking their cases and because they realized they would not get their dream offer if they would not fundamentally change their approach.

Unfortunately, typical case prep materials and methodologies are outdated and cannot do the trick, as they tend to put too much focus on academic frameworks, neglecting flexible thinking and customized approaches to case problems. And this is where I can help you:

  • by making you aware of the mistakes you are making
  • by identifying and explaining what their underlying root causes are
  • by giving you practical tips on how to correct your mistakes
  • by letting you practice on a set of very carefully selected cases, designed to make sure you will never make those same mistakes again.

Whether you are applying for an MBB firm, a 2-tier consulting company or a Private Equity company, I will make it happen!


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