Consultant @ BCG India | Ex-B Capital Group | Ex-ZS Associates | MBA from IIM Kozhikode
English, Hindi
India (UTC +5.5)
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My Approach
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My credentials: 

  • Top-rated consultant in BCG India with experience across financial services, private equity due diligences and public health
  • Core member of campus recruitment team for the last 2 years
  • Coached 30+ students for summer internships / final placement

My approach / style:

While I seek to provide bespoke coaching to my clients, there are a few guiding principles I follow:

  • Provide actionable tactical input, as opposed to high-level guidance which is seldom useful (execution over strategy)
  • Push the client hard
    • I will not be nice; I will be pushy at times
    • I will follow-up regularly
    • I will be harsh with feedback
  • Conceptual clarity is king. This does not mean focusing on “theory”. Rather, learning is iterative. Do cases, go back and refine concepts. Rinse and repeat till you are clear.


  • Mock Interviews (as many as desired by the client)
  • Core standard frameworks, with guidance on developing customized issue trees / structures / framework (expect significant pre-work

I mean, that's it. Case interviewing is simple :)

Note: I'm based out of India (IST) - schedules / slots to be booked accordingly.






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