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My following offer will be personalized to your needs (for any special request, feel free to contact me):

  • Mock case & detailed analysis (1h): First, we will conduct a case interview (0.5h). Second, I will assess each step of your approach and provided actionable feedback (0.5h).
  • Case study & personal fit (1h): First, we will walk through your structure of a case interview, and I will find levers for improvement (0.5h). Second, we will walk through typical personal fit questions, and I will provide feedback on your answers/stories.
  • Case study from scratch - Beginners (1h): First, we will walk through a structure for the overall case interview (0.5h). Second, we will go jointly through a case step-by-step (0.5h).



By practicing a lot with university students, I know exactly what their pain points are. This enables me to better relate to your questions and to offer advice that will help you to succeed!



I will dedicate as much time as necessary to help you through your recruiting process. We will finish each session when you are satisfied. I will provide you with my private contact details including email, phone number, etc. 

Before our first coaching, please

  • Send me your CV via email
  • Provide info on your current skill level and what you want to work on



I am a BCG consultant with 3 years’ experience. Hereby I am involved in recruiting for >1 year. Before that I got to know several other consultancies and went through the recruiting process of various firms myself. I did a lot of case prep myself and thus, I know how about your potential struggles and concerns.

Currently, I am doing my MBA at INSEAD where I am surrounded by several aspiring consultants from different backgrounds. Thereby, I have a real-life experience on how students are preparing and what helps the most.

I am convinced to provide you with a successful coaching experience!!!

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