3+ years @Bain & Company | Led recruiting, 100+ real / mock case interviews | Free 15 minutes chat / intro!
Berita Satu Media Holdings, Bain & Company, GREE Ventures
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What makes my approach unique?

  1. 3+ years in Bain & Company, where I led recruiting effort all three years which include setting up interview bootcamp for non-traditional candidates → I understand that everyone comes from a different background (target school vs. non target, fresh grad vs. industry) and hence approach would be tailored
  2. Bespoke feedback to candidates on where they are in the journey -→ I       understand that going from 0 to 4 is different from going from 9 to 10. Everyone is different in their journey and it is my objective to provide them with the best leverage no matter where they currently start
  3. Through deep understanding of recruiting nuances between the MBBK firms (have coached and gotten candidates offers) -→ I understand how to best tackle different firms recruiting process


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