Ex-Roland Berger Senior Consultant I Ex-Amazon senior manager in MBA leadership program I INSEAD MBA
IQVIA, Roland Berger, Amazon, UCB
Hungary (UTC +1)
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Commercial strategy, pharma
Structuring all types of cases

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I have trained and interviewed hundreds of candidates from top MBA schools. During my INSEAD MBA I got offers from Amazon, BCG and other top companies by solving the most complex cases. I like coaching candidates because it's motivating to see the development and get you an offer!

I helped people get an offer from MBB all around Europe and they asked me to train them even when I took a break in coaching but gave some extra sessions to get them the final offer.

I am passionate about cases and I would like to give you this passion, because once you like what you do it will go much easier and you become eager to solve more complex cases. Practice and curiosity will give you the confidence to solve any kind of cases and be successful during the interview process.

What to expect?

I will map your development areas and train you to structure all kind of business cases. You need to know all the approaches and practice them to be able to go to the interview with confidence and confidence is key

We will cover the soft parts of the interview as well since a well solved business case will not give you an offer automatically, you need the right communication technique too, how you present your thinking, your findings. 

Also the interviewers are interested in you, if they see the motivation, curiosity in you and they would like to see you as a colleague. I will also coach you how to answer behaviour questions.


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