ex-McKinsey Jr Engagement Manager|Harvard MBA|Mentored and coached over 40 candidates
McKinsey & Company, EY
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Having coached many candidates on behalf of McKinsey, I tend to apply their strength-based feedback approach and training methods. My feedback is constructive but honest and always followed by concrete exercises/solutions to improve. 

Through years of experience as a mentor to young graduates, I have learned that getting to know the candidate's goals and overall profile is essential to building a successful application strategy. Thus, I prefer to start coaching with a “strategy planning" call, where I will support you in concrete goal-setting and developing a comprehensive personalized plan to get your dream job

I am also happy to only do mock interviews together, both for the fit and the case part. I use MBB cases/behavioral questions and provide holistic feedback following the MBB evaluation grid. I will also give personalized advice to nail the interview.  

Above all, I have been there - I know what applying and interviewing with MBBs, Big 4s, Tier 2-3s, and boutiques is like.  

Now, let's get you that dream job!!


A few words about me: After 3 years at McKinsey, I am currently pursuing an MBA at Harvard Business School. I also have prior experience at EY. In my spare time, I am a mentor for Mentors4u, the person behind the IG page “Women in Consulting”, and coach for IE Business School students applying in consulting. 


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