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I am Oxford & UChicago graduate and an ex-consultant from McKinsey's Middle East offices. There he ranked in the top 3-5% of his global class and was an interview coach for 50+ candidates. I am currently a technology investor at one of the leading global VC/early growth funds 

My approach is completely personalised and end to end, we can pick up whatever stage of the process or preparation you are in). I have worked with and know recruiting teams at McKinsey so know how to set up candidates for success. 

What I can offer

I will fully personalize sessions to your needs, however I have previously run sessions centered on:

1. Intro to consulting- What it's like to work in the industry, at McKinsey--I can promise a no holdback/sugarcoated Q&A.

2. Baselining-A mock interview to identify where you are at (in terms of fit and case), main strengths and weaknesses and discuss next steps in order to nail the interview

3. Case mock interview - A more extensive case interview with data, graphs, quantitative analysis and creative brainstorming. This case can be tailored to a specific industry/function/type of case or round.

4. Drill down - If there is a specific area of the case you struggle with or would like more help (e.g., frameworks, maths, conclusions) we can run multiple simulations of that area and I can provide tips and tools in order to help 

5. Fit/Personal experience masterclass- I have heard Partners say this is often more important than the case and can often be the thing that tips tiebreaks. At the same time candidates underindex on this to their detriment. We can craft ‘power stories’ that can serve you across interviews and firms, workshopping them so they really stand out from the crowd.

6. Resume/cover letter review- We will go line by line and make sure every word is tailored to draw out your experience and help you land that interview.

7. Overview/Q&A on working in the Middle East- Ever curious about working in Dubai/Middle East & what consulting looks like there? We can bust all the myths and have an open discussion if it might be right for you



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