Ex-Bain (4.5 years) management consultant with 100+ case interviews; currently a Product Manager at a FinTech
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As a an ex Bain (4.5 years) turned Product Manager in Fintech I have a unique perspective on what it takes to crack the case interview process and how consulting as a career can act as a launchpad. My coaching approach will follow the below principles:

  • Case practices can be broken down into the elements of the case - namely the start where you process lots of information and must draw up a work-plan/hypothesis, the middle where you crunch numbers and the end where you synthesise your work. Hence my case coaching will be geared to each element of what makes a perfect case
  • Case practice is not limited to case interviews and can be done in real life. From synthesising a Bloomberg article to practice the pyramid principle or listening to a podcast and drawing hypothesis, case practice is not limited to 1:1 interviewing. I will give you tips and tricks that helped me practice by myself and get a Bain offer
  • Case practice is not about framework but more about problem solving: Having given many interviews whilst at Bain I can help you avoid the common pitfalls of reading a book and force fitting a case. I believe case books give a wrong impression of what cases interviews at MBB firms are truly like and can hence help you prepare for real cases
  • Enjoying a case practice will mean you will love the job: I truly believe management consulting has the most realistic interview process for the job. Hence I believe that making case practice fun and more a problem solving puzzle rather than a rigid interview process is critical


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