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First session at half price - message me to get a discount code.

I am an ex-BCG Project Leader, with previous experience in corporate and boutique consulting in Europe, UK and Latin America. I recently moved into a role in Venture Capital, but mentoring and coaching are passions that I cultivate on the side. I'm new to PrepLounge, but have had clients off the platform for long - happy to provide references if required!

I'm very passionate about coaching candidates belonging to minorities (LGBT, etc.), for which the interview process can be particularly full of uncertainty and self-doubt about disclosure.

I am an empathic coach and I will focus on improving your performance with the minimum amount of sessions. You don't need to do a hundred cases to get the offer!

I adopt a holistic approach to preparation, because being good at solving cases will not guarantee you get the offer. I differ from other coaches because I will not just spend an hour with you giving a case and feedback, but will also support you and coach you with the right mindset throughout the whole process.

Preparation is important, but mindset is equally critical and it is usually what makes the difference on the day of the interview. I will happily share my experience as an interviewer and make sure you don't just over-prepare the problem-solving part of the interview, but you also learn how to impress your interviewer in every aspect of the interview, including your attitude and personal experience interview

Depending on where you are on your preparation journey, I will happily assist you with:

  • Understanding if consulting is right for you (many underestimate this part!) by answering honestly and objectively to any of your questions regarding life in an MBB/boutique firm
  • Help you design a compelling “story” on why you want to get into consulting. This will help you on every step, from the cv/resume to the actual interview
  • Share insightful ways to find the right persons to talk to in the firm before applying, and how to build a rapport with them with a few easy emails tailored to your story and experience
  • Support you in building an HR-proof resume and cover letter, where every bullet point or paragraph will support your case as a good candidate
  • Teach you about what an interviewer thinks and looks for in a candidate during the interview, not just in terms of problem solving, but also attitude, likability, authenticity, good vibes.
  • Share with you the different types of cases that are given, and how to impress the interviewer in each type - especially the less straightforward and most unstructured ones (e.g. company X wants to change their manufacturing process; city X wants to become the Paris of Asia; Company X is suffering form severe delays in delivering products to customers; etc.)

You get it… no person is the same, no preparation will be the same. I guarantee you something tailored to your goals, leveraging your strengths and addressing your weaknesses - and supporting you psychologically as a coach during the process.

For me, there's nothing better than a candidate who achieves what he wanted and the moment they share their happiness in a message to me :)

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