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Overview: Personalized coaching that will take you through the entire process from applying to nailing a job offer from a top consulting company 

1. CV and Cover Letter: we will work together on sharpening your CV and Cover Letter (CL), and tailoring them to each company you apply to. Whether you come from a business or industry background, I will help you shape your experience in the best way to convey your skills to a consulting recruiter. I have reviewed 100+ CVs and CLs as part of BCG recruiting team and as a case coach for my MBA peers at LBS.


2. Game planning and Diagnostic: we will work together to identify you “game-plan”, i.e., which companies to apply to, your unique selling point for each, networking steps and best practices. We will also run through a test interview to pinpoint your strengths and areas for development 


3. Interviewee-led casing: following the BCG and Bain preferred style, we will work together on rigorous case practice until you feel confident in cracking any case, in any industry, seamlessly. I will use real-life case examples, or cases I have given during BCG mock interviews, inspired from BCG work. 


4. Fit interview prep: in addition to the typical fit questions, we will run through company-specific fit questions, and questions that might be raised given your CV or background, e.g., industry specific, explaining employment gaps, reasons for role / industry switch, converting industry experience to consulting toolkit, etc. 


5. Feedback and next steps: based on the above, I will help you design a well paced training plan, with top resources to use, tips on how to action feedback and track improvement on areas for development


My Experience:

As a core member of the BCG recruiting team, I have interviewed and coached 50+ candidates for associate roles, applying from Middle East and London.

I know what BCG, and MBBs in general, are looking for, I've been on the other side of the table, and we will work together to get you in! 



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