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My Approach
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I will consider your success as my main objective, leveraging 3 main pillars

1. Outstanding preparation

You will find an expert. I will transmit to you all my knowledge acquired going through 300+ cases, reading prep materials and experiencing a lot of consulting interviews

2. Partnership & Mentorship

You will find a real partner. I will be happy to understand your specific needs and to support you along the whole preparation process giving honest advices

3. Network

You will find your access to an extensive network. I will put you in contact with consultant or ex-consultants in MBB 





1. Tailored to yourself

I will build the coaching sessions around your personal needs and requirements

2. Good relationship

I will make sure to build a good relationship between us so that you can reach me out for further advices through email, mobile

3. Beyond the session

I will give you advices on some best practices and strategy in order to prepare also on your own

4. Experienced based

I will share my own experience build on working in McKinsey and solving hundred of business cases

5. Theory & Practice

I will coach you both through practice (ex. business cases) and suggesting some useful materials for overall preparation





1. Pre-coaching session (15 minutes) → Typically done before our actual coaching session in order to know better you and develop a tailored approach. It is made up of 2 main parts: 

  • About me (5 minutes): I will briefly present myself and how I can help you
  • About you (10 minutes): I will listen to you needs, questions and your point of strength/weakness about consulting interviews

2a. Single coaching session (75 minutes) 

  • Real Interview simulation (50 minutes) :
    • Fit session (10 minutes): I will ask some typical questions in order to test personal fit
    • Consulting Case (35 minutes): I will present you a typical MBB consulting case. In case you have specific needs in term of case type (ex. profitability case, market entrance, market size etc…) please let me know in advance writing a private message.
    • Q&A session (5 minutes): I will give you the possibility to ask questions
  • Interview Feedback (15 minutes): I will give you honest feedback, stressing your main area of improvements in all the 3 typical areas of a MBB consulting interview. My objective will be to be as much practical as possible in order not to repeat them in the future.
  • Q&A session (10 minutes): I will give the possibility to ask you all the questions that you might have regarding my experience or other areas in which you want to go deep into.


2b. Coaching program (2,3,4,5 coaching sessions)

  • Structure
    • Same structure of a single coaching session 
  • Advantages
    • Cost discount per session
    • More tailored coaching
    • Different types of business cases (ex. market entrance, profitability, market size etc…)

Matteo is a CoachingPlus Expert

CoachingPlus 5
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5 coachings à 60 minutes with CoachingPlus experts
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Your ideal case interview preparation course


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