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Case solving is weird, isn’t it?

You need to give very structured responses but also be creative at the same time. 

How does the brain work? 

We think with our senses, for example the moment you hear the word ‘apple’ – visual or red colour 

And not the letters a-p-p-l-e. 

The linear, word-based and sequential way of thinking is very restrictive. This is what most case books teach you and take you on a difficult path. 

Mind mapping helps you think using an associated logic, it’s multidimensional and uses imagination. Using mind mapping techniques we allow the brain to take its natural course of thinking. 

What is my approach?

My approach will involve mind mapping techniques to go wild on your thinking and then channel them into a solution

You need to structure only your communication and not your thinking. This is exactly where most people misunderstand the approach to solving cases. 

If you can separate your thinking and communication, then you are sorted and as practice more cases in this fashion it soon becomes second nature.  

Golden Rule - 1 - Don't offer any recommendations or comments until you have all the information. Ask all the confirming questions even if you have figured out the solution in your head. Try to lead your question with an insight.

Golden Rule - 2 - Every consultant knows this.  “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you just told them”. This technique is very useful even for consulting interviews especially as most interviews are still virtual. 

Golden Rule - 3 - Confirm, Confirm, Confirm. Most times the interviewer wants you to succeed, so allow him to help you. Confirm your understanding of the client situation. Confirm the objective of the case. Confirm your approach before doing the calculations (in the math part).

I will also teach you how to reach partners and directors in MBB directly for referrals in any location, something I figured out after a year of hard work and developed a magic formula. It works very well and my clients have seen success every time. 

What I can offer? 

For Grads and MBA Candidates

Case Coaching – A unique approach to solving cases using mind mapping techniques 

Rapid coaching (when you have interviews in the next one/two weeks) 

For experienced hires (In addition to the above)

Networking to get referrals in your region

How to do a market scan to understand which companies and practice areas to target?

Who am I? 

Consulting career: I currently work as a Manager in PwC (since 2021), I was able to secure a manager role in consulting right after my MBA. I love coaching and making people successful. I have been coaching people on job search, job interviews and CV writing for over a decade now.  

Past career: I was the Factory Lead for Manufacturing excellence in Unilever. I specialise in Supply chain and operations.

Education: MBA from Monash Business School.

Empathy and courage are my superpowers. 

I am not bound by a 60-minute time window, and usually, they last around 80 to 90 minutes if needed

All of my sessions can be customized for your needs, we can plan together on how the session should run before you book the session.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you need a discounted rate. I am looking forward to working with you!

Gowtham Pitchuka
I am passionate about careers and run a podcast called The Corporatexplainers - Available on all leading podcasting platforms

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