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FIRST SESSION 50% OFF | Ex-McKinsey EM & Associate
Conceptual problem-solving
Case study in foreign language
English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
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USD 149 / h
FIRST SESSION 50% OFF | Ex-McKinsey EM & Associate
Conceptual problem-solving
Case study in foreign language
USD 149 / h
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15 MINUTES INTRO FREE OF CHARGE - First meeting is free of charge to better understand your needs and to give you a chance to get to know me and my approach 

FIRST SESSION WITH 50% DISCOUNT - As I am currently building out my Preplounge network, I give a 50% discount on the first session (just send me a message and I'll provide you with a discount code) 


  • EM & Associate at McKinsey and Company – hired directly as an Associate after graduating from university with only internship experience
  • Managed to land the job at McKinsey in 4th language and worked in Brazil and UK office – I can help you regardless of what language / country you are interviewing in. Everything is possible, do not let other people tell you otherwise!! 😊
  • Love mentoring and interviewing. I have been constantly praised by BAs and Associates for coaching them on the job. I truly enjoy helping others to reach their full potential and it comes very natural to me spotting people’s strengths and development areas.
  • Know what consulting Firms look for. I have been involved in the recruiting processes at McKinsey and am very much aware of what dimensions are looked for in the interviews.
  • Diverse background with business & commercial acumen. I have lived and worked across several countries, and I have worked on the execution side (Revolut) which has given me great commercial acumen.


I believe that everything is possible with the right guidance. I have been there, and I remember I had no clue on where even to start or where to focus on. I believe that constant practice is the way to go. However, the practice should be targeted and have a structure. Similar to a physiotherapist or personal trainer, you don’t want to do any exercises without a guidance (they might be totally out of relevance) and rather want to build up your exercises over time. This is where I see my role – I can help you understand the dimensions that are looked for in the interviews, how to best approach a case and give you detailed feedback and provide you with guidance on what to focus next in your practice. 

I teach you on how to think through the case and structure the problem at hand without frameworks. I do not believe in learning frameworks. Indeed, this won’t get you very far as MBB want individuals that have an outstanding ability to think and to communicate their thoughts clearly. I’ll teach you on how to do this with a very easy approach so that you feel comfortable to tackle any business case that you are presented with. Believe me, if you rather think through the problem, you will feel much more at ease than trying to fit the problem into a pre-learned framework. 

I am here to help you succeed from a holistic viewpoint. I genuinely care about other people and want you to succeed. I do know the dimensions that are looked for in interviews (yes – there is a structure behind) and I will work with you to get all evaluative areas to average and build out your area of strength so that you will land the job – because only average will not get you in. I will also work with you on the personal experience interview (PEI). Many people actually fail the interview as they do not place enough emphasis on this even though it is equally as important as the case. 


I can review your resume for its structure and help you strengthen it according to what elements MBB are looking for. I was interviewing with all 3 back then – McKinsey, BCG and Bain. 

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Engagement Manager
McKinsey & Company
2021 - 2022
Global Business Manager
2020 - 2021
Associate (post-MBA)
McKinsey & Company
2019 - 2020
No degree
London School of Economics and Political Science
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No degree
ESADE Business School
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No degree
University of Maastricht
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