Strategy& Deals Strategy Manager | Corporate and private equity strategy consultant | McGill | English & French
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Structured thinking
Communicating in convincing narratives
Solve ANY problem

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  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
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  • Get detailed feedback and tips

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My Approach
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Are you an intermediate-level candidate struggling to make it to the next level that will land you the job? Look no further.

  • I focus on candidates at the intermediate-level candidate struggling to move to the expert-level 
  • My goal is for you to solve ANY case, with a special focus on cases that make candidates most nervous (i.e. M&A/JV, growth strategy, market entry, start-up/early-stage venture)
  • I am a background agnostic: undergraduates, postgraduates and experienced professionals in engineering, business / commerce, arts, science, law, social studies are all welcome (I'm from engineering myself!)

How are we going to get you to the next level?

  • Case type: we will focus on cases that you are least comfortable with, because they are the ones standing between you and your dream job
  • Problem-solving: we'll assess your case-solving skills and determine what you're missing / what's holding you back (which is anecdotally nearly every time something you were not aware of)
  • Communication: we will ongoingly assess and improve your communication skills (before, during, and after cases), as this is a true differentiator and signal of success in consulting.

That sounds great, but why Salim?

  • 4+ years in Strategy&'s Deals Strategy consulting practice (Associate → → Senior Associate → Manager)
  • 2+ years interviewer for entry-level and post-MBA level roles
  • More importantly, I care about the people I meet along the way and really want you to succeed. That's priceless to me.

Happy to chat about everything and anything strategy consulting and beyond!


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