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Structuring and storytelling
Bilingual interview (Chinese&English)

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My Approach
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Sessions I offer

***Please book at least 2 days in advance***

- PEI/Behavioral interview coaching 

1 hour session, including:

1). Diagnosis on your prewritten PEI stories (up to 6 stories)

2). Step by step rewrite on how to tell a good PEI story based on 6 steps of good storytelling

- Case cracking skill diagnosis

1 hour session, include:

1). One diagnostic mock case interview

2). Step by step guide on how to do a case with the most effective and efficient method

2). Feedback on performance and areas of improvement

- Individualized case coaching (for candidates who have completed a diagnostic session with me)

1 hour session, focusing on your personal areas of improvement. Common areas that most candidates struggle are:

- How to structure not only in the beginning, but also with brainstorming, graph-reading and even math? 

- How to do “hypothesis driven” right?

- How to cope with that terrifying “what else”?

- How to deal with “brain freeze”? 

….and others.

- Individualized fix

This session is only for those who have a specific area of struggle which you‘re aware of, but find it difficult to resolve. Please send me a message describing your struggle so we can figure out a coaching plan together.

My approach is more about teaching you the principles and skills that can work for different cases, instead of how to solve 1 single super difficult cases. Many aspects of case cracking can be improved largely with the right method and in a short period of time. I believe if you're qualified enough to receive interview invites with MBB, you should be able to get the final offer!

For all my sessions, I offer the “No Questions Left” guarantee - i.e. I will not stop the session until all your questions are answered.

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