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I am not a traditional consultant; I transitioned into McKinsey from the world of creative advertising. 

I am on PrepLounge to help others from non-traditional and creative backgrounds make the switch into strategy consulting. I have served as a case coach for dozens of interviewees while a consultant at McKinsey. I know what its like interviewing and being interviewed as a non-traditional applicant. Case prep is important, but passing the interview is also about personal presence and storytelling. I am here to help you with both. 

Please let me know your top objectives before we meet so you can get the most out of our time together.

I focus on (3) areas, though I am happy to tailor the approach to your needs:

  1. Getting comfortable with the case - with a non-traditional business background, it's crucial to show you can problem-solve in the case. But often, a non-traditional background means you approach cases differently, and can offer the interviewer a unique point of view. I'll help you perfect case basics and quant skills so you can unlock your creativity in the case.
  2. Owning your story - You will undoubtedly get asked why are you making the switch into consulting. The truth is that MBB is looking for ambitious, non-traditional thinkers. Particularly as digital innovation becomes a larger part of the business. I will help you solidify your story and hit on attractive qualities that you can offer a consulting firm that others cannot.
  3. Confidence - More than the case, presence is the number one differentiator between someone who flies through the interview process, and someone who does not. We'll discuss how to relax in the case, and practice your story and case hygiene so the basics become second nature. Ill also offer some tips on how to connect personally with the interviewer and build rapport before the interview really begins.


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