Practice actual MBB case studies with an ex McKinsey 1st round interviewer
Clínica Las Condes, McKinsey & Company, Diaverum, Consulting@Deloitte
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Creating bespoke frameworks
Top-down communication

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My Approach
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I am an ex McKinsey consultant and former 1st round interviewer.

During our sessions we will attempt to recreate the actual interview experience by leveraging actual MBB case studies and behavioral fit questions that were, and are still being used in interviews today.

My coaching approach is based on five pillars:

  1. I will teach you to think like a consultant instead of teaching you generic frameworks that will just get you rejected 
  2. Don’t just learn how to solve cases, I will teach you how to communicate like a consultant so your interviewers see that you have what it takes to work in a client-facing role
  3. We will practice using real MBB 1st and 2nd round case studies and an assessment rubric that covers all the elements you need to master before the interview date
  4. I will give you detailed feedback and keep a progress tracker broken down by the skills that you need to master
  5. Help you prepare for the PEI section by building stories that resonate with what your interviewer wants to hear

Our coaching sessions will last as long as needed and you can always reach me afterwards if you have questions.

PS. If you are applying to a spanish-speaking office I will insist that we practice in spanish (it's for your own benefit).


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