Consultant at McKinsey & Company | Physics background
McKinsey & Company, Oliver Wyman
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Interview advice tailored to STEM students
Customized frameworks for case study and fit interview
CV and cover letter review

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I believe STEM students require a different interview preparation approach compared to traditional business students. As a former physicist, I am well aware of similarities (e.g., hypotheses-driven approach, fact-based conclusions) and key differences (e.g., bottom up vs. top down communication) between STEM subjects and management consulting. I am eager to support you through flexible and customized sessions, also sharing the key success factors that made me receive multiple offers from top-tier firms. 

About me

  • 26 year-old consultant at McKinsey & Company, based in Milan
  • 20+ real interviews with top-tier consulting firms
  • Co-designer of student events in cooperation with Recruiting department
  • Technology enthusiast with physics background 
  • Study and work experiences in 4 different countries (Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and USA)

Case interview

The correct use of frameworks is only one of the key factors to be successful in a case interview. We will practice together through conventional and unconventional cases, also including real life examples from my experience at McKinsey and Oliver Wyman. Key takeaways from our sessions will include:

  • Smart and customised use of frameworks based on your mindset and personal needs
  • DOs and DON'Ts at each phase of the case (i.e., from opening to final recommendation) 
  • Business essentials (both must-have and nice-to-have), especially useful for STEM students with little or no business background
  • Detailed and structured feedback, both during and at the end of the case study

Fit, behavioral and additional questions

In a typical real life interview, 50% of the time is spent on the business case. While this might not be of immediate understanding, the remaining 50% weights just as much for your overall evaluation. In this context, insecure and unstructured answers are  primary reasons for rejection. The positive news? Things are much more predictable compared to the business case and can often be quick-wins to boost your performance. We will work together to ensure optimum preparation for:

  • Self introduction
  • Fit questions, based on the specific firms you are applying to
  • Behavioral questions, based on a clear and smart mapping of your past experiences 
  • Final questions for the interviewer

CV and cover letter

Consultants are naturally forced to be extremely meticulous about details, which makes them able spot even the slightest inconsistencies in your CV and cover letter in just a few seconds. On the other hand, perfectly written documentation can boost your chances of landing an offer, often times even "compensating" for mistakes you may do during the interview. We will conduct a word-by-word review of these documents together in order to ensure:

  • Clear structure and straight to the point messages
  • Smart selection of experiences that are most relevant to the eyes of a consultant 
  • Overall consistence and use of most appropriate wording





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