Ex-McK Manager / Interviewer & Case Coach at McKinsey / real MBB cases
McKinsey & Company, Monitor Deloitte
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Australia (UTC +11)
USD 149 / hour
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I have 10 year experience in consulting, including 4 years at McKinsey. I was an interviewer & Case Coach at McKinsey.

Based on your need we can cover one or more of the following in a 1 hour session:

  • Case Interview - this consists of a full case (30min) and actionable feedback. I will be grading you across all of the metrics McKinsey uses, and at the end of the session we will have identified key strengths, opportunity areas and next steps to improve your performance.
  • PEI - Often the most ignored of all interview skills. This is AS important as the case. I will coach you to make sure that your story is impactful and meeting McKinsey requirements. At the end of the session you will learn how to structure your stories in a way that is relevant to the interviewer.


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