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The process of recruiting at strategy consulting firms is a game that anyone reading these words can learn. Some parts might come easier for some candidates, and some parts might come harder, but very few can successfully navigate the process without learning the rules.

I can teach you the unspoken rules of the game that you'll need to know to land the offer that you want.

I do not believe that magic frameworks exist for cracking cases, nor do I believe that memorized answers will get you far in the fit interview evaluations at top firms.

However, I do believe that through practice, candidates can internalize the cadence of the case interview and can gain the intuition that they'll need to knock it out of the park. I also believe that fit interviews are exercises in public speaking, and while memorization rarely works, everyone needs to prepare.

I believe in working smart, not long. A few practice sessions with someone who knows what they're doing is worth a whole lot more than a thousand with someone who does not. In our first session, I'll run you through a full live interview in the first thirty minutes (in the Bain style or in the style of your firm of choice, just let me know where you're interviewing), and we'll spend the second thirty minutes discussing your case prep plan while diving deeply into your strengths and weaknesses.

Please try to schedule our sessions at least a week in advance, but feel free to let me know if you're on a tighter timeline (e.g., your interview is tomorrow).

I look forward to meeting.



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