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  • I have almost 10 years of consulting experience at an MBB firm and I am still active
  • I have interviewed 250+ people across regions and seniority levels
  • I have helped hundreds of people to prepare for their interviews
  • I use my own set of proprietary cases, with a great variety in industries / topics / complexity
  • My feedback is sharp, detailed, honest and direct
  • Our coaching sessions last as long as needed
  • I am easily reachable through Preplounge / Linkedin / Whatsapp throughout your preparation process
  • I am open to offering limited discounts, depending on the number of sessions you want
  • We can plan a 15-20 minute intro chat - free of charge - to get to know each other




Over the past 10 years, I have helped hundreds of people to prepare for their interviews across continents, companies and interviewing formats.

What surprised me most is that 90% of these people made the very same mistakes, over and over again. Most of them did not even know they were making these mistakes, and were just frustrated by the fact that they were not cracking their cases and because they realized they would not get their dream offer if they would not fundamentally change their approach.

Unfortunately, typical case prep materials and methodologies are outdated and cannot do the trick. And this is where I can help you:

  • by making you aware of the mistakes you are making
  • by identifying and explaining what their underlying root causes are
  • by giving you practical tips on how to correct your mistakes
  • by letting you practice on a set of very carefully selected cases, designed to make sure you will never make those same mistakes again.

Whether you are applying for an MBB firm, a 2-tier consulting company or a Private Equity company, I will make it happen!



Senior coaches are rare on this platform. They bring years of experience in terms of structuring cases, on-the-job coaching, interviewing and detecting underlying strengths and weaknesses early on in the process. Because that is what we are trained to do.

In my almost 10 years of consulting experience at an MBB firm, I have had the pleasure of working in 20+ different sectors, with 100+ different colleagues and interviewing 250+ people. That brings a wealth of knowledge about how to approach a real new case, how to focus on what is most important, and how to present your findings with confidence and in a structured way. And these just happen to be the types of skills you will be assessed on during your interviews.

Many of the coaches on this platform will only have 1-3 years of real consulting experience, and will already have left their firms. They will have a set of cases and routines for you to train with, and they will recognize some of the symptoms you are displaying during your interviews. But they will lack the real on-the-job experience to identify the actual root causes that are hindering your casing performance, and will therefore not be able to fundamentally change your results.

If you want to find out what this looks like from an interviewee’s perspective, I would be more than willing to put you into contact with one of my former alumni




I want you to succeed, and I want you to get your dream offer.

And to make this happen, I will put all my energy in truly understanding who you are, where you stand  in the process, what your strengths and weakness are, and on what areas we will need to work together to get your casing abilities to the highest level.

Our coaching sessions will last as long as needed, until the very moment you feel satisfied about our session, have no more questions, and have a full set of tips and tricks that are easy to remember, easy to apply and that will make a real difference during your case interviews.

My feedback will be sharp, detailed, honest and direct. I believe that is the only way to ensure you understand where you stand and how to improve. But at the same time, I am a warm person - meaning that I will understand how you feel, and that I will be very constructive in helping you to build up your casing capabilities.

I will be easily reachable, through Preplounge, through Linkedin or through Whatsapp throughout your preparation process, to answer any questions you might have, to schedule or reschedule any sessions you might need (last minute) and to make sure you feel perfectly comfortable and full of confidence the day you step into your interview.

The reviews written on this platform about my coaching sessions will be a testimony of all of the above.  



If you are still unsure about whether you actually need a coach, or if before booking a session you want to test whether we can effectively work together, we can plan a short 15-20 minute chat - free of charge - to get to know each other. During this chat, we can discuss where you stand, what you are looking for, how we would work together and what results you can expect.

Ahead of our first session, every piece of information you can provide me with about yourself and your interviewing process will be valuable. It will allow me to tailor my cases, examples and approach to your exact needs. Your resume, cover letter, interviewing pipeline and prior interviewing experiences are therefore all very welcome, ahead of our first meeting.



We can already cover a lot of ground during one single coaching session:

  • One full mock interview
  • The right way to structure a case
  • The right way to present your answers in a convincing way
  • How to make assumptions
  • How to take notes
  • The right way to approach and solve math questions
  • How to improve your appearance and body language
  • Difference between interviews at various consulting companies / PE companies
  • If there is time left: one or two fit questions

And of course, we will take more than enough time at the end of the session to provide you with detailed and actionable feedback, about where you biggest gaps are and how you can get your casing skills to the next level.



For true, fundamental change, you will need more than one coaching session.

Depending on where you stand, how good you are, and how much experience you already have, you will need between 3 and 10 coaching sessions to get you ready for the highest level of performance. These coaching sessions can purely focus on practicing cases, on answering fit questions, on boosting your math skills, on networking, on writing your resume / cover letter, or on a combination of them – whatever you want and whatever you need the most.

I use my own set of proprietary cases, with a great variety in terms of industries, case topics and case complexity. Depending on what skills and abilities you want to train, you can pick either one case or another, right there on the spot.

I am also completely open to offering limited discounts, in case you would consider taking multiple sessions. Of course, the more sessions you book, the higher the discount will be.


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