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I moved into consulting as a lateral hire after MBA. I know how hard it is to make the transition and I will give you the tricks that helped me ace the cases. During the coaching, I will ensure that we cover a wide range of skills that help candidates get through the case interviews.

Structured problem solving: It is the bread and butter of consultants. Acing the structure will be the first and foremost target

Hypothesis-driven approach: Generating actionable and testable hypotheses will set you apart from most of the candidates and helps you crack the case in a very professional way

Storylining and Communication: Communicating the insights and establishing an effective narrative is as important (if not more) as the structure itself

Numerical Analysis and Insights: To be a stand-out candidate, it is imperative to generate 2nd and 3rd order insights on top of synthesising the obvious


I will help you polish all the above skills drawing from case interview experience and more importantly the on-ground experience I have gained with several clients. Besides case practice, I am happy to help you with you behavioral interview prep and overall approach to applications.


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