McKinsey | Leader of coaching program at McKinsey Mexico | Peer leader for the Consulting Club | MBA at London Business School
McKinsey & Company, PepsiCo
English, Spanish
Mexico (UTC +1)
USD 149 / hour
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Problem solving
Communication and storylining

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My Approach
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About Me

  • 2 years of consulting experience at McKinsey & Company
  • Current MBA student at London Business School
  • Perform mock interviews as a Peer Leader in the LBS Consulting Club
  • Led the case-interview coaching program for applicants at the McKinsey Mexico office

My approach

I will conduct a mock interview containing both case and fit and asses your performance and style. I will provide you actionable feedback for you to work on and tips to approach real interviews. 

  • Case interview: I will use real cases covering different industries and functions (strategy, marketing, etc.). The cases will have multiple questions that test all the skills that are assessed during a real interview. Just as a McKinsey interviewer, I will guide the case, tailor to your answers, and test your strengths. 
  • Fit interview: I will ask questions from real interviews. I will assess the content of your story, your communication, and your storylining.

I will also answer question you might have regarding consulting in general.

I offer big discount for those interested in more than one session. 10% discount for 3 sessions, 30% discount for 5 session


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