Ex-McKinsey Project Manager with experience in Switzerland and Latin America
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< 1 month out of McKinsey
Interviewed >50 candidates
More detail oriented than the person that will interview you

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Resume Review
  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
  • Send Tamara your CV beforehand
  • Get detailed feedback and tips

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My Approach
  • My Approach
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*I am 1 month out of McKinsey – I know exactly where the firm is looking for what type of talent*

* Interviewed at all MBB, Oliver Wyman, AT Kearney in Germany/Switzerland*

About me:

  • Graduated from HEC Paris & Rotterdam School of Management
  • Experience in Investment Banking
  • 4 years at McKinsey 50% in Switzerland and 50% in Latin Americafastest promotion in the last years from Intern to Project Manager (EM)


When we set up a meeting please let me know what stage of the process you are in (interviews scheduled, # of cases done, confidence level on fit part) and which option you prefer (or we create a hybrid).


Option A)

Case interviews: we will go through a typical case interview (30-40min) and spend the remainder of the time to finetune your skills.

You will walk away with

  • Clear understanding on the dimensions you will be measured against
  • A list of very detailed improvement points
  • My recommendation on what next (ready to interview, or prepare more certain topics)

Option B)

Nail the fit part:  you will prepare stories for each dimension. During the session we will

  • Conduct a mock behavioral interview (30min to include all dimensions)
  • I will give you feedback and finetune your stories (30min)

You will walk away with stories that

  • Are adaptable to a wide range of questions
  • keep your interviewer awake and interested
  • show that you are structured and consulting material

Bonus: List of 20 most asked behavioral questions

No fit is a killer – you will not get hired with a 150% perfect case and 0 fit.

Option C) Getting the basics right: I will review your CV & Motivation letter (checking form and framing ) + we will discuss the game plan (where to apply, in what position & whom to contact )

You will walk away with

  • A spot-on CV and motivation letter
  • Game plan (what firms to apply where, when and in what position)
  • Referral for first round McKinsey Latin America


  • 90% of people focus too much on preparing case interviews while the right set-up (choosing location, role and nailing fit interviews) can actually already do 70% of the job. Start being a real McKinsey Problem Solver and get the low hanging fruits right! If you are open minded about locations and positions – I am the person to talk to.


I am a strong believer of a 3-step process to set yourself up for success

  1. Land interviews & apply for the right position and location to increase your odds – do not apply through websites. Insight: I actually got my McKinsey Interview without referral and by cold-calling HR. Also once you are in the consulting firm of your choice you will be able to move around. Example: I started as intern (3 vs 6 rounds of interview) in Switzerland moving up to Project Manager in record time of 2.5 years (normally 4-5 years + MBA) while moving to the destination of my dreams (think projects in the Caribbean and Latin America).
  2. Nail the Fit part – people hire people they can imagine themselves working with. And your goal is to make all your experiences appear that they fit with your interviewers’ background (you are handed a leaflet of their profile prior to interviews). Example: I still believe I landed my internship because I clicked with one interviewer over skiing in the Arctic circle. Beware: I am super honest and have no problem calling out your attitude that will prevent you from getting the job.
  3. Case interviews – Structured communication is key & math mistakes are unforgivable. In my 4 years at McKinsey I learned to turn every little problem (even in my personal life) into a clear structure. This goes way beyond frameworks; it is a change of mindset that can be learned. Insight: I have interviewed > 50 candidates and know which mistakes are forgivable and which not.


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