Ex Bain/ A.T. Kearney: Principal with >10 years global consulting and recruiting experience and >150 interviews
Bain & Company, Kearney, Deloitte Corporate Finance
Australia (UTC +1)
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I have been working as a management consultant for >15 years and have been involved in recruiting and interviewing throughout this time. I have conducted >150 case interviews for A.T. Kearney, Bain & Company and Deloitte. This experience has given me an expert level understanding of the competencies required to be hired by different firms and how they approach case study interviews and problem-solving in general.

I have also been a private coach for ~5 years and have conducted >500 private coaching sessions with candidates and consultants at all levels of development. Through these sessions I have helped hundreds of candidates to secure their dream consulting role with MBB and other firms.

Before the first coaching session, I prefer a call or email interaction to clearly understand where you are in your journey, the areas that you need to focus on and the feedback you have previously received. This is critical input to maximising the impact I can deliver.

I can help with case study practise, resume/ cover letter preparation, fit question practise as well as helping you to think like a consultant and differentiate yourself from other candidates in your interview.

I have many cases that I can draw from, depending on your specific needs and experience. These are a combination of projects I have personally worked on and other cases that I have collected over the years from my recruitment experience.

I always strive to provide honest and actionable feedback, based on your current performance. This includes a decision on whether I would have put you through to the next round, in addition to specific feedback on what went well and areas to address/ improve.

In subsequent sessions, I aim to focus more on gaps to ensure that you can perform at your peak on the important days. Candidates that work with me, typically end up taking multiple sessions which I think demonstrates the value of this approach.


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