(Current) Associate Director - EY Strategy and Transactions | 10+ yrs' industry exp. transitioned to Consulting |Australia #1 MBA
EY, John Holland, Softbank, Bechtel
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Communication and industry fit
Structured problem solving (not just typical frameworks)
Effective delivery via general business acumen

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**Disclaimer - Please do your due diligence in selecting your coach. A lot of people on this platform claim to be Strategy Consultants but their LinkedIn profile shows them to be Business Analysts at the MBB firms. That is very different from a Consultant/ Associate. Also, take note of the people who spent only 1 year at a firm. Generally rule of thumb for anyone less than 1 year is they have been run out**

In a few words - "..My goal is to help you achieve your goals.."

Whether you are a prospective/ current M.BA/ undergrad student or a full-time professional looking to transition into Consulting, my goal is to help you overcome your weaknesses and (perceived) fears and ensure that together we put in 100% of your grit, intellectual curiosity and problem solving skills to thoroughly impress your interviewer. 

Let's be fair - we all have weaknesses that we continue to work on. If you think you don't have any, then I would recommend going back to the drawing board as this will be a key question in your personality fit interview. In general, MBA students have this misconception (and I was one of them) that the Consulting interview process is all about asking questions, having a "strong" framework, demonstrating exceptional math skills and giving a great 1-minute summary at the end. This is just plain WRONG! 

Thousands of candidates can effectively demonstrate everything I have mentioned above. However, a select few can demonstrate effective structured thinking, problem solving and analytical skills with empathy, i.e a personality fit for Consulting. At the end of the day, Consulting is about bringing your client on a journey and you are being tested on this as SOON as you shake the interviewer's hand! 

I AM NOT HERE TO PROVIDE YOU A FRAMEWORK. Frameworks are a simple textbook guideline and using it in a structured issue tree with general business acumen is the key to cracking the case. Putting a P&L framework and check marking unit price, units sold, variable cost, fixed cost etc is NOT good enough. It is the ability to hone in on the RIGHT variable, ask the RIGHT question, analyze it BOTH qualitatively and quantitatively, and coming back to the strategic big picture that will differentiate you from the crowd. Using sensible math and not ridiculous multiplication tables! 

In our first session, I will spend the first 10 minutes getting to know you. It will involve a couple personality fit questions and one or two business acumen questions to understanding where you stand. I will request a copy of your resume beforehand (it will be deleted as soon as we are done). I WILL NOT ADOPT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL APPROACH. Every candidate is different and hence, this is my preferred approach. 

I would recommend candidates that are early in the process to get in touch with me. This could be undergrads in their junior/ early senior year; MBA students into the first 1-3 months of their course and full/ part-time working professionals seeking an industry transition. 


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