Ex-BCG (+ 6months recruiting specialist @BCG) => more than 350 intw + >100 coachees
CEO & WELBEES software, BCG, Google
English, French, Spanish
France (UTC +2)
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Strategy, CPG, Transportation, Public Sector, Transformation, Private Equity
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>350 real interviews @BCG Paris // >100 coachees with strong success rate ! 

Industry focus @BCG: CPG, Transportation, PE, M&A, ...   

I only give my own cases (BCG / McK / Bain level of difficulty - but I can also adapt if your are applying to other consultancies) 

I am used to coach both "freshly out of school" and experienced candidates (from industry or from other consultancies or MBA) 

@BCG I have participated a lot in recruiting MBAs candidate, I perfectly know what is expected from you guys 

--> Do not hesitate to reach out to discuss methodology and my potential support for your preparation. Available in FR + EN + ES 


At BCG I worked a lot in Consumer Goods and Transportation projects (but also : Banking, Insurance, Private Equity & M&A deals, ...). 
I was involded a lot in recruiting and coaching process. I coached ~100 candidates to prepare for BCG very demanding recruiting process in Paris. 

I can help you with case preparation but also fit / presentation skills (very important as well). We can do some theory (does / don't, how to structure well, how to communicate properly, ...)I can also tips you on how to prepare offline and on your own. I can give you cases both in French and English, inspired from real BCG Cases but also more classical cases if you're starting. I will adapt to your level of preparation.  

I like breaking down the hour as follow: 5 min introduction you explain me what you want to work on, 30/35 min case practice, 15/20 min feedback and next steps, 5 min questions / theory. 



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