Bain & Co interviewer (~3 years) | MBB-prep focused | Expert: Market Sizing; P&L cases | 50+ coachees at MBB
Bain & Company, Millennium Hedge Fund, Rosneft Oil & Gas
English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
France (UTC +2)
USD 319 / hour
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Become a master in the most critical skill: Structure
Crack Market Sizing and Profitability cases (exclusive frameworks)
No time limit, will provide honest answers to absolutely all questions about cases/consulting

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My Approach
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Hi everyone!

My definition of session is:

  • One full 1h case interview: adapted to your areas of focus (industries, type of case, difficulty of case) and target companies, can be either an exclusive Bain case (that you cannot find anywhere else) or a case from a source that you can find online (if you would like to review it in the future), your call!
  • A 30min detailed feedback session, linearly reviewing your performance and sharing exclusive tips to improve
  • Answers to all your questions (I highly encourage you to come with a list) about anything including but not limited to:
    • How to shine during the fit part? How to adapt the fit to X, Y, Z companies?
    • Geographic specificities? 
    • Industry specificities?
    • Study plan design and how to go from now to offer?
    • From my experience of interviewer, how do I decide if a candidate passes or not?
    • ..?

A few elements about me:

  • French/Brazilian, learnt 7 languages and able to run interviews in 5:
    • English
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
    • Russian 
  • In 2014, I got rejected to all tier 1 and tier 2 consulting firms, understood why, prepared, created my own winning frameworks and a year later landed offers at McKinsey, BCG and Bain. I choose Bain over its conpetitors for very specific reasons I would ba happy to share. 
  • I have been at Bain for about 3 years:
    • Started in Paris/Brussels office in 2016
    • Transferred to Johannesbrug early 2017
    • Transferred to Moscow early 2018

A few years ago, I was in your shoes, and this is a very important point. Having a coach with many years of consulting experience is extremely usefull for the fit part, but likely do be less helpful for cases as with time we all forget our methods, frameworks, and we are not as well-prepared as we used to be back then. 
I am fairly young and I never stopped doing cases, I simply love it! I tend to be as tough as I was with myself with my coachees, but I guarantee you will learn, grow and have fun :)

Happy Learning!


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